Sunday, January 6, 2013

Time for a review of last year's goals. Yeah, didn't do all that I had planned, but I did do some. New goals to come, with more frequent review of how I'm doing.

Child of God:
read the entire Bible
Done. Not in the 90 days that I had hoped, but finished nonetheless.
read the Book of Mormon (multiple times? or read at least 20min/day?)
Nope. Not even close. Scripture study was spotty for most of the year.
read the Relief Society lessons each month  
Haha. I don't think I even read one.

(keeping these goals private)

help my Scouts earn their next ranks
Success with David and Sam. No Progress with Jacob
help Anna learn to read 
We've been pretty consistent with bedtime stories and scripture study, so I'll call this a success
potty train Zeke and Lydia  
Got 1 of 2, but I won't beat myself up over it
help Zeke learn all his letters, numbers and some sounds  
He has gone beyond this and now knows about 30 sight words
get kids to all Dr needed (this is more than just check-ups)  
A definite success here. This has kept me very busy!

Visiting Teacher:
Huge fail here!

deep clean house  
Nope - at least there are multiple areas that still need some serious attention
do weekly cleanings  
Nope, and it shows

repair all the currently known issues, including: light switch, broken door, mirror, mixer
Nope. Sigh.
Begin kitchen remodeling  
Still working on getting a plan worked out & drawn up by a professional

start making sourdough bread
I did make some starter, but I have yet to actually use it. I have to fix this soon!
dinner by 6pm
Fail for most days of the year. And this is a serious problem.

3 posts each week  
Way too ambitious. I barely did that in an entire year.

reconcile all accounts  
update accounts weekly  
create a budget we can follow  

call at least 2x/month  
Didn't call even every month, I think.

participate in a social group (book club? sewing club?)
I tried to start one up, but it quickly died. A friend wants to try again this year.

Finish at least 30 projects, focusing on ones previously started  
Hmmm. I think I finished 4 or 5?

Read 30 books, including at least 12 classics
I read 23 books, with 3 or 4 classics. Not quite there, but not too bad.

Aerobic exercise at least 3x/week 
Improved on this goal - I started lifting weights with the husband 2x/week
Eat more fruits and vegetables  
Probably not, and this goal needs to be more concrete.

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