Saturday, June 7, 2014

What I'm Working on, and Goals for June

So, doing take 3 on these quilting/sewing goals. Third time's the charm, right?

My first goal, and official ALYOF June goal, I want to put together my "In Bloom" block of the month into a quilt top. It's unusual for me, but I am actually following the pattern from beginning to end with this one. I started This quilt in January 2008 as part of the block of the month program at Meissner's of Folsom. I purchased the finishing kit and remaining blocks when we moved later that year. I'm excited to move this one along, as it has been waiting a long time!

A Lovely Year of Finishes

A second goal is to finish the tote bag I'm making from my "color story" we did at our MQG meeting.

Other things I've been working on include an ironing board cover, of sorts, to put on my dining table. I have some large applique that I'm planning on doing, and I really wanted a larger surface than my ironing board. I'll be taking pictures and sharing my experience with that soon.

My kids have taken charge of the garden this year. The weeding may not be getting done, but the plants are doing really well. Kudos to my 11yo, who has really taken the lead with this.




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