Friday, September 4, 2009

Melon soda

Smitten Kitchen recently had a delicious recipe for what she calls "Melon Agua Fresca." We called it "cantaloupe soda." Because we're refined like that. Anyhow, Tom put it together for our family night. He skipped the water, and didn't bother to strain the fruit. In case you're wondering, melon purees amazingly in the blender. We don't have a very fancy one, and it was so smooth. Oh, and we used bottled lime juice. It tasted wonderful. The fun part was that it was frothy. I wish I could share pictures, but I didn't pull out the camera before we finished it off. It was sweet, but not super sweet.

Next is to try this with watermelon. Or make the watermelon lemonade I saw. Yummy!

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