Friday, April 8, 2011

Tabs I have up in my browser

1. Money Saving Mom shares Walmart's new coupon policy. Important things to note: coupons for free items cannot be printed from the internet. Any overage will count towards other items in your purchase.

2. Positively Splendid shares a tutorial on covering boxes with fabric. I realized how cheap muslin can be - so I think I'm done with buying boxes that break for the kids' toys. These will likely last just as long, and I can reuse the liner in a replacement box as necessary.

3. A friend from my quilting guild used these paints in a quilt. The quality was amazing. These are not what you'll find at the neighborhood craft store. I don't have a project planned that would use these, but it looks like it could be great fun.

4. Once I have a working stove again, I plan to get back to canning preserves, jellies, pickles, salsa , etc. These reusable lids and rings might work out to be money-saving. The cost isn't much more than what I buy at the grocery store - and those aren't reusable! I'm not sure how well they work and how long they really last. Perhaps more searching would tell? I might just try them out and see how it goes.

5. The more I look at disposable diapers, the less I want to buy any more of them! After doing some research online, I found that hemp fleece should work the best as a "soaker." Absorbent material is a must in this house. Bed are frequently wet by morning.

Yes, I always have ongoing projects. Some take months to start, and some never happen. A post in the future may just be a list of those projects floating around in my head!

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  1. Cool post. I am intrigued by the boxes, too. And about cloth diapers, I have a bunch of them that I have been meaning to craigslist. I started cloth diapering at our old house, not realizing that our plumbing line was too small to handle that many wash loads per day (garage overflowed frequently) so after less than two months of clothdiapering I packed them away. I still have probably 60 or so hemp inserts and tons of fuzzibunz diapers.