Thursday, June 25, 2009

Stop the ride - I want off

The past couple weeks have been hectic. Our sewer line broke, so we had to be super careful with our water usage until we got it fixed (done, thank goodness!). One grandpa has a mysterious illness on top of his advanced Alzheimer's. The other has colon cancer. Our Stake President from CA got in a car accident, in which his wife died and he punctured a lung, did some serious injury to his back, and other problems, I'm sure. My best friend from high school's older sister died of an aneurysm. The kids mashed the little fins on the AC, so it's barely working - and it's 100 degrees outside all this week. My husband's stepdad is in the hospital from a stroke. My sister lost her baby. All I can wonder is, what's next?

A friend reminded me of a "thanks journal." I think I'll have to make a post later today of just our blessings. Since, somewhere in all this, there are many.

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